Monday, January 17, 2011

The Cooking Channel

I hate to cook but I love to watch others cook.  I was tired of watching the same people on The Food Network so I recently switched over to the Cooking Channel.............

Do you have The Cooking Channel?  If not you should get it! Just for the show Bitchin' Kitchen with Nadia G.!/BitchinKitchen  Check out her page on facebook!

I caught this show one day by mistake and now I can't stop watching! The host Nadia wears stilettos while she cooks and has on large pieces of amazing jewerly.  She makes meals that are wrapped around breaking up with someone or the art of suduction.  She's funny, she's in your face, she makes amazing food and she's easy on the eyes! 

I've heard that this show started on the web and then The Cooking Channel picked it up. Now that's pretty cool stuff! 

In an interview with Krista Simmons in Brand X Daily Nadia was asked .........

BX: Did you go to culinary school?
NG: I went to the school of Hard Wooden Spoon Whacks [chuckles]. I come from a long line of Italian cooks and women of that generation don’t have recipes. They measure by eye, so when I’d ask my mom she’d just say taste it you’ll figure it out.

Watch Nadia G on The Cooking Channel!  You'll laugh at the things she says and the way she talks but in the end you'll be wanting to cook the meal she just made!

One warning --- this is not a cooking show for kids!

Check her out on facebook and I'm pretty sure she's even on twitter.  Enjoy!

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