Monday, January 24, 2011

The Next Great Baker - Corina Elgart

Who will win The Next Great Baker tonight?

Next Great Baker Blog(*photo from TLC website)

As you all know tonight is the finale of season one The Next Great Baker!  Buddy Valastro took ten bakers and watched them compete week after week for a cash prize of $50,000 and a chance to work with him at Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken, New Jersey. 

He's challenged them each week with tasks that bring out the best and the worst in each other.  He's put them under a time crunch, he's dropped their cakes off the side of a building, he's asked them to put special effects on the cakes and he's asked them to do all this with camera's, lights and a crew watching their every move.  These bakers gave it their all and now the last three remaining will appear on tonight show.

We had the chance to interview Corina Elgart who will be appearing on tonight's final show. Check out what Corina had to say in our interview!

Did you enjoy being on the show?I loved being on the was an incredible experience and I met wonderful people and learned  invaluable lessons and tips.

How was working with Buddy?
Working with Buddy was great.  He's real and honest and helpful.  He and his staff know so much about the industry and business, it was great to be around them.

What were you thinking when Buddy dropped your cake off the side of the building?
When Buddy dropped the cake off the roof I was thinking, ugh, I hope we don't have to do them over.....and then......well, ya...we did.  Boooo!!!!  However, lesson learned, stuff can and does happen unexpectedly.

Do you feel that this show helped you grow as a pastry chef as far as learning new skills?
I think being on the show really helped me broaden my spectrum of skill.  Each one of us brought a different skill set to the competition so in turn I think each of us walked away with a little piece of each other....that's a wonderful thing.  

I’ve seen a lot of negative reaction to your out spoken words and on the show and was wondering how you’re dealing with any back lash and if it’s effected you in any way?
There has been SO much negativity surrounding my character on the show...all I have to say is-THIS IS TELEVISION....not everything is what it seems.  I AM out spoken and I am passionate and focused-I am NOT nasty, mean spirited, or self centered.  Actually those who know me will say I'm anything but.  Here's the thing I always wonder...if I was a male would I be received the same way?  would people think I was driven and hard working rather than bitchy and obnoxious?  Who knows.  The backlash has not effected me locally, NY'ers who have come into my shop are fans and they're fabulous...the haters are going to hate, their entitled...BUT I will say this...I was accused of being violent and bitchy and the funny thing is...their negative hating comments are quite nasty and pot, kettle, black much?  Just think about it....just sayin'

Would you ever do it again?
I'm constantly asked if I'd do it again....I would, in a second-but I wanna do it w/ these fabulous people again!!!  LOL...the 10 of us were quite a crew...let's just encourage TLC to run a blooper episode b/c we had an absolute blast!!!

What’s your favorite flavor of cake to make?
My favorite cake flavor is the end of the day I love a plain yellow cake no frosting...just cake.  ;)

Do you prefer doing wedding cakes over birthday cakes?
I don't have a preference of wedding cake or birthday cake.  I love any idea that clients bring my way and that we design together.  Wedding cakes are more profitable for sure and really showcase skill and talent but there's something fun about making a little girl a princess cake for her birthday....  ;)

Do you have any advice for up and coming pastry chefs?
Aspiring pasty chefs...keep working on it...take classes, read books, practice practice practice and stay inspired by everything around you.  If you love what you do it will show in your food and in your design. xo

How can people find out more about you and your shop, TASTE?
You can keep up with me in a few ways.
Twitter - @corinaelgart

Feel free to keep up with me virtually at these places, or come by the shop and say hi!
Cupcakes & Cookies Oh My! would like to wish Corina luck on tonight's show!  Thank you for doing our interview and good luck to you in 2011!
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  1. A great philosopher said: What other people think of you is none of your business. You cannot talk them out of it - you are what they think. We saw the show late here in South Africa and with the Joe business I thought NO more reality TV for me. That kind of animosity from Corina?? offends my spirit - maybe it's just me???...